We are forever grateful for the donations we receive from our supporters, it is because of that generosity that we are able to rescue the animals that we do, month in month out. Each month we put up a gallery of some of the fortunate faces of the month's rescues. A massive THANK YOU from us, and especially from them.

Seeing as it is Christmas month let's have some happy news to see us into the New Year. Thankfully, we are fortunate enough to be able to share some heart warming catch ups! 


We took in Mia, a little Russian Blue, well over a year ago after she was signed over to a vets for euthanasia. She had serious and uncontrollable skin issues and was mutilating herself. This had been going on a couple of years and she was in constant discomfort and the vets couldn’t manage to get on top of it. Skin problems can lead to such a poor quality of life in many ways.

We agreed to give her a go and the year has been a big battle. We quickly had her diognosed by our own vet with MRSP, which is very hard to get on top of. It’s been agonising. Lots of treatment and altering medications and poor Mia has been stuck in isolation being barrier nursed. Daily washes, cleans, creams, ear cleans, pills and frequent medicated baths and not always feeling great. It’s a long time to be like that but finally she had made it out the other side.

She has left for an amazing foster with view to keep. She’s such a super friendly girl we know how happy she will be  in a home.


Our girl Duchess. Duchess came to us after serving her seven days in a pound with nobody claiming her and no microchip. She is a great girl but had clearly been beaten, she used to drop to the floor if even so much as a shadow crossed her back. 

That skinny nervous wreck who belly crawled and wet herself has now become a permanent New Hoper who has come on leaps and bounds. Literally, just watch the video. 


Remember Marshmallow from last month? Well he is a little miracle. The first moment we saw him he was a limp little ball of fluff we didn’t think would last the night. We were lucky to be able to get him round the clock vet care, without it he wouldn’t have come this far. He struggled but fought for his life. He’s been through so much and hung on, he’s proved to be a tough little cookie. Well, look at him now, happily homed and full of life. 


Another very recent rescue case that is now thriving and well on her way to a new life. . She had been taken to the vets after being seriously attacked by another dog in her household but the owners would not go forward with treatment so with out a rescue to go to she would have been put to sleep. As always, if it wasn't for the generosity of our supporters her £6000 vet bill would of been impossible to cover. We cannot forget to thank her amazing foster family who have taken her into their home where she is recovering, physically and mentally. Trixie is going from strength to strength and has a bright future ahead of her.

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