March 2021

We are forever grateful for the donations we receive from our supporters, it is because of that generosity that we are able to rescue the animals that we do, month in month out. Each month we put up a gallery of some of the fortunate faces of the month's rescues. A massive THANK YOU from us, and especially from them.

Heading 6

The importance of microchipping your pet


Remembering Norma.

We received a call from a vets back in February about a little lady called Norma. She had been hit by a car, sadly the people registered on her microchip had given her away and didn’t know who to. She needed immediate help and had a serious fractured leg and some infected wounds.

We transferred her to our vets and took her her under the New Hope wing. As always our vets reduced the costs massively but we were still looking at a vet bill of £2500. Unfortunately the leg needed amputation and once removed it began to heal nicely. Although things appeared to be going in the right direction we were mindful that she still had a long way to go. As well as her amputation she was battling two super bugs and a cruciate repair on her other back leg. Norma was placed in a foster home to recover but had to return to the vets daily to change her dressings.

The vets were doing an outstanding job with such a challenging case, supporting our decision to keep on trying to get little Norma better, even though she developed a serious and complex issue with the surgery site on her cruciate repair.  Being that it was her only back leg without surgical success we would not have been able to keep her going and if the infection/superbug couldn't be controlled we would have been out of options. 

There was one very slim possibility of a drug that may help, the infection is resistant to all other drugs. Although the drug is very hard to source we  managed to obtain it and treatment began, this was her last chance, there was nothing else we could do. We were desperate to see improvement  very quickly and devastated that the chances that the chances were so slim. 

 Unfortunately the odds were against our beautiful Norma.

This bit of rescue is almost impossible to deal with, we give every animal in our care 100%, we never give up easily but if this medication did not work it would only mean Norma would suffer if we kept going. 

After weeks and weeks of treatment, hospitalisation, surgeries and battling three different superbugs there was nothing more we could do to make her better we literally ran out of pavement, the medication didn't work. We were beyond devastated, we had to let Norma go. We said goodbye to our brave little fighter on the 10th March. 

She went through so much and was such an amazing and brave dog, she gave everything she could, as did all the team involved in caring for her and treating her. Everyone is devastated, it’s very rare for us not to be able to find an answer for the animals we take, and as most of you know we are never fazed by cost, commitment or hard work, but it just wasn’t meant to be for little Norm.

Meet Leo. At the beginning of March we were sent pictures of a  heavily matted cat who looked to be in terrible condition. He had no chip and had been living rough at a car wash for, what we were told, two years. We took the poor fella in flee'd him, wormed him and took him to the vets for a check up and a hair cut. We nicknamed him Nigel and prepared to secure his future with a loving home. BUT, by the power of social media Leo's owners found out where he was.  After 143 days and 14 hours of being missing he was reunited with his family! 

This story just highlights the importance of getting your pets microchipped. Leo was lucky enough to have been taken in by a rescue and he also had an online appeal for his safe return, the two combined made for a happy outcome. If he had been taken in by someone else, fallen into the wrong hands or had been killed by a car there would have been no proof of where he belonged and his family would be forever wondering what happened to Leo. It should cost no more than £20 to get your dog or cat microchipped, on average, microchipped pets are as much as 50% more likely to be returned to their owners than those without a microchip. It is now law to have your dog microchipped and you can be fined if it is not done. 

For more details on microchipping just follow this link.



She had some amazing people on her side, all of which we will be eternally grateful to as we are to all our supporters that donated towards her treatment and routed for her.

Niall was with her at the end with her beautiful little face in his hands and she passed peacefully, We hope in that moment she knew how loved she had become by us all. Niall said

"It was really hard and in the moments of heartbreak that followed I did question my ability to keep doing this, but for others like Norma we have to continue. For all those that helped us with Norma, and for all those that help us with all the others we are lucky enough to help I want you to know how important you are in their journeys"