We are forever grateful for the donations we receive from our supporters, it is because of that generosity that we are able to rescue the animals that we do, month in month out. Each month we put up a gallery of some of the fortunate faces of the month's rescues. A massive THANK YOU from us, and especially from them.


We’ve taken in little Miffy who was left at kennels with some very advanced, ulcerated mammary tumours. She was taken to the vets, her test results are back and there is nothing we can do to try to fix her. The cancer has spread and it’s inoperable. She has the perfect foster home lined up for her palliative care. She is still a happy girl and until she tells us otherwise she will be pampered and finally receive the love and care she has clearly lacked in her life so far.

Although this is what we all expected everyone is heartbroken .

She is the sweetest little thing and really hasn’t received the care or love that she needed.

.She’s loved now and we will make sure the last bit of her life, no matter how short it may be, is the best she could ever have.

We’ve got you now girl, Miffy you’re safe till the end.


This is Trixie, she is only nine months old. We were contacted by a vets up country, Trixie had been taken to them after being seriously attacked by another dog in her household but the owners would not go forward with treatment so with out a rescue to go to she would have been put to sleep. Her wounds are very extensive and we are likely looking at a vet bill in excess of £2000 for hospitalisation and all treatment needed. She had multiple horrific wounds new and old. She really had been ripped apart.
She had to have one ear completely removed and the other partially. Her legs and chest are covered in bites and even her feet are punctured. Whilst in surgery her wounds were debrided, there were lots of areas of dead tissue. She has had further surgery as she had to have one of her digits removed too.

Our vets have been so thorough and continue to provide excellent care and as always are keeping costs down for us, however due to the unknown extent of some of her injuries and the ongoing work to treat her, hospitalise her and repair her the vet bill is much higher than we expected and we still have some funds to raise to keep on top of her bill.  Trixie left the vets and is currently settling into her fantastic foster home, who are being amazing helping her in her recovery. Finally a loving, settled environment for her to continue to heal and learn to trust again.


Sometimes there is a period in rescue where we are thrown one blow after another. November 2020 is that period! First let's meet Marshmallow. One evening we were called by a local vets near the sanctuary about this poor pup, he needed a particular vet so we had to take him straight to a vet in London.
Marshmallow is only six weeks old and was taken to the vets very, very sick by his owners. He has had some treatment and exploratory surgery with no avail, at this point the owners could not continue with treatment so he faced euthanasia. The vets called us and we have to give such a young pup every chance. He was very ill and still isn't out of the woods yet although he has come a long way  from the limp, lifeless pup we first collected, he has started to turn a corner. There’s been waggy tails and yipping for attention! He’s eating well, managing to keep it down, and keeping his blood glucose stable. The little fighter has a way to go yet and we will keep you updated. 

Fox  Tragedy

We can't win them all. We received a call about this poor fox who had become caught in someone’s stock fencing and had been there sometime (possibly over night). He has caused himself some pretty serious wounds.
We managed to free him and took him to our vets for treatment. He had his xrays and surgery had begun but unfortunately he passed away under anaesthetic.
Gutted to say the least but I’m glad he didn’t die slowly where he was found 

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