We are forever grateful for the donations we receive from our supporters, it is because of that generosity that we are able to rescue the animals that we do, month in month out. Each month we put up a gallery of some of the fortunate faces of the month's rescues. A massive THANK YOU from us, and especially from them.

Another area finished

After 2 years on the farm our small animal area is finally complete.  It took a lot of blood, sweat and tears and consists of an indoor and outdoor cattery, a small animal room for rodents, reptiles etc and 3 aviaries housing disabled pigeons, budgies and parrots.  


Piglet was found in a terrible state. She had a severe urinary infection, needs her ear canal removed from severe infection and has a serious eye issue. She’s a real mess but remains the loveliest girl, it is sadly often the way with these neglect cases.
She is in a much better since treatment has started, now we’re passing her on to our friends at South East Dog Rescue for continued treatment, necessary surgeries and eventually rehoming.


Please meet Cooper. He has been in our care for a few months after we were called about him as a sickly stray. We had the finders take him straight to the vet for treatment not knowing, at that stage, what was wrong.

He’s only a youngster, not yet a year, and it became clear he was suffering with a liver shunt, normally fixable but quite specialist.

Liver shunts treatment and surgery is an expensive one, and we’ve taken in some costly cases in the last few months, but how could we refuse this boy when he wouldn’t survive without it.

Here’s an interesting fact for you, when cats are suffering from Liver Shunt their eyes turn a copper colour, it’s very distinctive, as you can see from


Cooper had his surgery this month, the surgery is complicated and not without risks and we’ve had some ups and downs along the way (including a spell in hospital after quite a worrying blip). BUT everything went as well as we could have hoped, and so far he’s recovering well. We won’t know for around three months if the surgery has been a complete success, so still lots of care and bridges to cross but so far so good! So many people have helped and been involved in Cooper’s care, but I but I would like to say a *massive* thank you to his amazing vet Cristina who really has put in so much work for this boy.... thank you so much!

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